Alain Duménil is a French businessman, author, and philanthropist.

Alain Duménil was born on May 3, 19491 in Neuilly sur Seine is a French businessman, author, and philanthropist, he’s an former banker at the mind of a band active in luxury goods and realestate Alain Dumenil at France (Acanthe Développement) and Switzerland (Double keeping ), along with a significant contributor in aeronautical subcontracting (AD Industrie).

Al Ain Dumenil was important in the luxury Industry; it is not limited only to his own undergo through the Alliance Designers team. As evidence of this, the businessman purchased the blissful luxury Group Company at 2002.

We owe about the business brands like Jacques Fath or Emmanuelle Khanh, with out denying that the famed luxury shoe maker Harel. Through his Alliance Designers collection , the entrepreneur will not buy currently established luxurious brands, however, will even cause fresh brands like Stéphane Kélian or even Louis Féraud.

Still another of Al Ain Duménil incursions is if he is interested in aeronautics. Finance, property, and luxury didn’t not sound enough with this particular outstanding business man.

Al Ain Duménil He Made a Decision to create a Foray in to the aeronautical and industrial industry as the early 2000s once he first found that the A D set in 2004. Industries

Every Thing Appears to Be decidedly successful for your own Businessman since his group soon became one among the heavy weights in the industry, particularly in the area of aeronautical outsourcing.

The Group thus has big clients like rolls royce, Turbomeca, or Smecma. By acquiring established expertise in mechanical and hydraulic technology, the A D sectors group does not wait long before successfully investing at the defense and power areas.

Even the A-D Industries group occupies a large Portion of Its success to its own integration and acquisition process during time of small and midsize French businesses using significant expertise in certain aspects of aeronautics.

A-D Industries is one of the many successes Of this entrepreneur, as evidenced by its turnover of countless millions of euros from 2012 and its close to 1,500 employees.