Camargue Safari: A Guide to the Wild Beauty of Southern France

The safari Camargue is a stunningly wonderful southern France location involving the Mediterranean Ocean and the Rhône Stream. It houses an assorted manade camargue assortment of wildlife, such as flamingos, bulls, horses, and many other type of wild birds and animals.

The following information will provide you with everything you need to plan a safari from the Camargue, including what to see and do, where to stay, and the way to travel. So whether you’re a highly skilled safari-goer or even a first-timer, read on for all that you should know about preparing a vacation to this wild and great area.

The Camargue: An Overview

The Camargue is a marshy southern France region in between the Mediterranean Sea along with the Rhône River. It includes a region around 800 rectangular mls (2000 rectangular kilometers).

Camargue is a preferred vacationer place to go for its special landscaping and wild animals, the location of over 400 varieties of birds. In addition to its all-natural sights, the Camargue region was once inhabited by Celts and later Romans, leaving behind archaeological internet sites.

Today, the Camargue is split between two departments: Gard from the north and Bouches-du-Rhône within the south. The northern section of the location is much more countryside and gardening, while the the southern area of portion contains the main cities of Arles and Marseille.

Preparation Your Holiday

When preparation a visit to the Camargue, remember several things:

●Very first, the optimum time to go to is between Apr and October when the weather conditions are cozy and bright and sunny.

●Second, it is recommended to load in moist problems since the Camargue is marshy.

●3rd, there are actually no streets within the Camargue, so site visitors must either go on a vessel or drive with a dirt path.


There are several ways to check out the Camargue, but probably the most well-known is as simple as going for a safari. Safari businesses supply a variety of trips, from day time journeys to multi-day time excursions. Safari tours typically involve transportation, instructions, and quite often food and holiday accommodation.