Different Forms Of beautiful stone tomb of Ninh Binh

veteran (lang mo da tron) is the most beautiful tomb model designed and assembled by Ninh Van in Ninh Binh. The Ninh Binh stone tomb is made from solid bluestone and other natural stones. They are located in the Ninh Bihn’s traditional stone craft village, with many years of experience in the profession. They provide beautiful products at the most durable and reasonable prices.

The beautiful form of Tombs

There are many forms of tombs in Nihn Bihn. You may like as follows:

• Khu lăng mộ đá – It is a complex of campus made of many stone items like the stone gate, stone railing, stone letter, stone tomb, etc.

• Lang tho da – Also known as the Stone temple, used to make a commonplace of worship for the whole tomb area. It is of two types: The single shrine and the wing shrine.

• Mo da don Gian Khong mai – It is a three mountain stone tomb suitable for making a large tomb when gathering into the common tomb area.

• Mo Mot Mai Da – It is a hidden tomb to reduce the effect of Rain and Sun. Its size is usually moderate.

• Mo hai mai da – It is a beautiful tomb used to make a single person tomb.

• Mo ba mai da – An expansion of the two-roofed tomb is the three-roof type (three-blade monument), usually the largest and the largest size.

• Mo doi da – These are the models of tombs reserved for Christians with a typical religious structure and pattern.

• Mo tron da – It is a beautiful round tomb that follows Vietnamese traditions of feng shui, absorbs the most yin.

• Mo Cong Giao da – These are a model of tomb reserved for Christians with a typical religious structure and pattern.

• Mo doi da – It is a beautiful twin tomb for two people, the double grave for three or more people. They are large and also have corresponding models like a roofless double tomb, single roof, two roofs, etc.

There are many more Lang mo da like the hexagonal tomb, octagonal tomb, etc. you will see there. You may find-lang mo da my nghe in Nihn Bihn.


Mẫu lăng mộ đá đẹp Ninh Bình

Lăng Mộ Đá Ninh Bình, mẫu mộ đá xanh nguyên khối đẹp giá rẻ nhất việt nam