Well control course perfect for drilling engineers, supervisors, derrick operators, assistants, and company personnel

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This location provides numerous comprehensive lessons like those on productive drilling surgical procedures. Via new technologies as a result of videos, conventions, and job exercise routines which can be requested in verified options to achieve the enough drilling of the more difficult wells at present.

Range of classes

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Many procedures are widely used to successfully drill effectively, particular drilling functions which are usually distinct from those generally utilized for common wells.

This sort of program that you will get in this spot is responsible for covering up all of the processes and surgical procedures which make it easy to successfully maximize the complete drilling cycle from the HPHT effectively being drilled.

To obtain more learning, become familiar with about numerous HTPH instances with a number of delegates in command of doing work in numerous scenarios to solve different HTPH issues. All demonstration material will probably be maintained by PowerPoint, manuals, video tutorials, electronic digital movies, and situation histories.

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